Upper opening of The Lisková cave was found in 1938 by Emil Camber. He went to cut some twigs for brooms and found a little slot after the tearing off the bush with its roots. A stronger wind blew out of this opening. He assumed, that it was leading into unknown space of The Lisková Cave. It is said, they had torn some grass which had been pulled in the opening and that a steam had came out during winter. They began some digging works which took them two weeks. They uncovered the earth and only old closing up continued further. While they were throwing it away they found a strange writing on the wall. It remains hlaholika (old slavonic writing) or azbuka.

The inverted writing. It was on the ceiling so we don't know how they drawed it...

Nobody have ever solved this writing! If you know what's going on here, let us know it. Thank you.

Kópia nápisu vyhotovená v roku 1939.
Po dlhom hľadaní sa podarilo nápis získať z archívov.

Nápis v prevrátenej podobe,
pretože bol na strope, nevieme s akého pohľadu ho odkresľovali...

Na porovnanie ponúkame Hlaloliku.
Prvý a druhý stĺpec sú ozdobné počiatočné písmená,
tretí stĺpec veľké,
štvrtý malé písmená a piaty je prepis latinským písmom.

During one of the digging works the closing up had relented and Camber fell into uncovered space, where he found a lot of ceramic fragments and fireplace on uneven bottom of the cave. One human skull, bony needle and teeth of extinct herbivore were found later. These objects can be found in Slovak National Museum in Martin and in Liptovské Museum in Ružomberok.

Another workings could continue after the clearing this material away by profesor Sladký. Camber remembers, that they discovered the aisles by continuous cutting through stony piles, only by candlelight. But they did not reach Západná sieň (The Western Hall). They found another smoke on the eastern slope - now known as "Camberova sonda" (Camber's probe), but they did not finished it. E. Camber had to join the army (in Russia) and their working finished for good. His friend Piecka published the plan in Krásy Slovenska in 1942 but with his subscribe only, because he did not hope that Camber could ever return from Russia.

It is not known who and where digged a narrow corridor into Západná sieň (The Western Hall) and not any written evidence has been preserved. Maybe it was K. Šochurek from speleo-club KSTL Vrútky, who reported as first about Guánový dóm (The Guano Dome) and inaccessible slot. Many years later Dr. Droppa came here and with Camber's assistance measured the whole corridor from lower stages to upper opening...

24th of January 2000, in Lisková
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  1. The record of J.Bárta (v Liskovej 17. 5. 1971) (in slovak language only)
  2. The record F.Piecka (1989) (in slovak language only)


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